My Classic Car Story

Sammy & Betty Wells

And "Their?" 1966 Red/White Mustang Convertible

Betty and I had been looking for a classic car from the time period of our high school years. My son Van came in one day from work and told us about this car that belonged to a man that was a friend of his co-workers father. He said it was really nice and the man was going to sell it. I told him to tell his friend to ask the guy to call if he wanted to sell it.

We didnít hear anything for about a year and a half, then one day my son called and said the guy was selling the car that week. We made a call and arranged to meet and look at the car. When we went to look at the car it was on a trailer covered with a car cover. All we could see were the tires. I asked the guy how much he wanted, knowing how much a 66 mustang sold for in good conditioned. The guy said the trailer went with the car, it was a new trailer, had been used only two times.

As I talked to the owner I discovered he was retired air force, had cancer and had a short time to live. He was moving to California to spend his last days with his daughter. When he told me the price I became a little disgusted and was ready to leave. While he was getting the keys I told Betty this was a wasted trip. I said for that price the car would be a piece of junk. When he came back and pulled the cover off the car we couldn't believe what we saw.

When he started the car we were sold. I told him I would write him the check right then. He asked to drive the car one last time. We unloaded the car and he relived his youth one last time driving the streets of Fort Bayou estates. Before we left he brought us a package of the complete history of the restoration of the car. He told us he was thankful that he found someone who would appreciate the car and really treasure it.

I have often wondered if he knows how much joy his treasure has brought to Betty, Courtney and I, and all the local people who have seen the car and appreciate being a part of a bygone era. If people only knew how much classic car enthusiast really love our cars. Betty and I feel an obligation to carry on the tradition of keeping the car in the condition that we received it. If only he knew how much joy we have had in the car and how many friends we have made in the classic car circle. Classic car people are a different breed a fun loving and caring people. I recently found out this past summer that our friend had passed away.

His six months turned into almost two years. As we are riding down highway 90 through Ocean Springs I can't help but think if he is watching us or is he in the back seat cruising the coast. My friend in heaven many thanks for the joy you have given us, say hello to Elvis, Ritchie, and Buddy, and may we meet someday at the great cruise in the sky. After we completed our sale Betty drove the car home, I pulled the trailer, and thatís when I dropped one rung lower on the ladder of importance. The order of importance is Courtney, Autumn, her mother, her sisters her brother, the dogs and then me. Well I guess it could have been worse.