My Classic Car Story

A 1969 Ford Torino GT Fastback story

By: John Devera


I have always been a car nut and proud to say "A Ford Fan True and Blue". It started with a 65 Comet, a 67 Mustang and a 70 Mustang. Although, I must admit that in my early adult years I did experiment with a couple of those psychedelic drugs (Camaro and Trans Am).

Even my wife Karen was raised on Fords with a 65 Fairlane and 68 Galaxie as her 1st cars.

Before the Torino, my last hot rod was an off the showroom floor 1987 Mustang GT. But with a growing family and the obvious change in lifestyle that came along with it, we traded in the GT for a minivan. 4

In January of 2005, after the long and arduous effort of building our little cottage, I (we) decided that it was time for my reward - My first hot rod in almost 2 decades. (A couple of years earlier, our best friends, Randy and Debbie McLendon had invited us to ride with them during Cruisin’ the Coast weekend. From that point on I was hooked again and knew it was just a matter of time before I would be cruising too.)

So, off I went on my shopping safari with visions of a 60s era Mustang. I soon realized that my pockets weren’t deep enough to see that vision become a reality. After re-evaluating my criteria I searched for weeks, cruising the Internet superhighway, looking at car after car until I ran across a small dealership in Tennessee that had recently listed a "gem". Well I call it a gem now. It was a long, sleek, deep blue, highway cruising hot rod.

Although I have done a few minor body repairs, added back the white side stripes, made some upgrades in audio equipment and refreshed the 390GT power plant, it is still a basically original car.

I always enjoy showing off my car, especially to the boyfriends of my two youngest daughters. I make sure to point out the fact that I can throw a couple of dead bodies in the trunk and still have room for the ice chest. Some of them laughed and some left!

And now for a little history on the car. She was, for all intent and purpose, a one owner car when she came to me. I contacted the original owners a few months after I purchase the car. I will let there words speak for themselves.


This is a letter from the original owners:


Thanks so much for the pictures. I got 2 sets.

She looks really good. I am so very proud that someone has her that loves her like we did. We have lots of good memories with her. Brantley got her for a graduation gift from college in 1969. When he was sent off to basic training for the Seabees I used her to go to high school. Back then not too many people had cars to drive to school, especially not NEW cars and especially not GIRLS. This was in 1969-70.

We had her when we married in 1970 and went on our honeymoon. We moved to Rhode Island where Brantley was stationed at Quonset Point Naval/Marine base with the United States Seabees as a Third Class Petty Officer.

She served us well in weather that we were not use to. We had to use chains on the tires to be able to get around in the "forever" deep snow that everyone that grew up there was use to. Being from Georgia we were use to it snowing all day (when it snowed at all) and we might have the grass covered. In Rhode Island when it snows for an hour the ground is covered.

After returning to Georgia in 1972 we settled in Dewy Rose. We brought both our sons home from the hospital in her, one in 1973 and the other in 1976. We made a trip to Texas in her in 1975 and to Florida in 1979. These were the longer trip that I can remember among the shorter trips to North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee mountains. She never once caused us any trouble.

I guess I really miss her more than Brantley, in part because of the memories. Moms are like that!!! He is just glad that someone has her that can "treat her like she should be treated". Again thanks for the pictures.

Keep us informed when you can. I appreciate everything.


Nice Ride John