Ron & Kristy Thornton

It all started when Ron got into Drag Racing and he bought a 1973 Chevy. We spent a lot of time at the drag strip. When Ron retired from Chevron, he turned the 73 Chevy into a street car and bought me a 1966 Chevy Malibu. When Katrina blew through both cars took a swim, and we lost them both. Two years ago at the Singing River Street Rod Show at the LaFont Inn, he saw a 1962 Chevy Impala he just had to have so he bought it. A little over a year ago we went to a show in Slidell, La. He got to looking at a 1964 Ford Fairlane. I tried to hide from him, because I knew he was going to try to by that thing. All my effort didn’t work, he found me anyway. And, yes, we got the car. I still don’t understand why he wanted that car, because you see, he has always made fun of Fords and joked with our friends about them and their fords. Last year some friends of ours came in to town and they had a 1973 "Ford" Mustang, they wanted to sell it and I wanted it so! So being spoiled, I got it. Ron hated that mustang so we finally got rid of it.

Once again, last year at another car show "Emerald Coast" in Panama City, Fl. We both saw this 1964 Chevy II. We talked to the owner several times and he wouldn’t budge off the price. Ron and I both were a little disappointed. But Ron was just not going to pay what the man wanted for the car. Later, I decided to go back and to talk to him one more time before we were about to leave and see if I could get him to come off the price. This time I was successful, and needless we got the car. After owning all these car we now only have two Left the ‘63 Impala (his) and 64 Chevy II (mine). Uh – NO FORDS. Of course, by this time next year, it is no telling what we will have.

We do enjoy our cars, and really enjoy being in the club and have made some wonderful friends over the years being involved with these classic automobiles. We are both very active in all events Magnolia Classic Cruisers promotes. We are also two of the Charter Members of Magnolia Classic Cruisers. Ron was the club’s first Treasurer and I was the first Historian. I still enjoy taking pictures of all the cars and their owners.

Ron and Kristy Thornton